Episode 005 – Pumm-Ra

In which Mumm-Ra alters his name only very slightly.

Panthro and Tigra begin the episode sat in the control room of their new fortress, bellowing technobabble at each other with so much conviction that it sounds like they’re auditioning for Star Trek: Voyager. They then start using spy cameras to perv over Cheetara as she goes for a morning run, after which they locate an active volcano and decide that the most intelligent thing to do would be to drive out to have a look at it. Personally, I feel that active volcanoes should be left the hell alone, but that’s probably why I’m a civil servant and not a Thundercat.

Pumm-Ra 1

While Panthro and Tigra have a pointless gander at the volcano, Cheetara gets knocked out and kidnapped by the Mutants. They hand her over to Mumm-Ra, who indulges in a meandering rant about nothing in particular before eventually shapeshifting himself into the form of a giant humanoid puma. He then rechristens himself Pumm-Ra and sets off to introduce himself to the Thundercats. Listen, Mumm-Ra, if you think that changing one letter of your name is going to be sufficient to fool the Thundercats, surely you’ve got another think coming.

Pumm-Ra 2

Of course, thanks to some relatively sophisticated trickery, Mumm-Ra insinuates himself into the Thundercats’ team, and our heroes agree to give him a week’s probation, so that he can prove his loyalty and worth. A week is more than long enough; given Mumm-Ra’s complete inability to play the long game, he waits all of about two hours before sneaking all around the Cats’ Lair, sabotaging weapons and equipment, and then busting into Liono’s bedroom to nick the Sword of Omens.

The following morning, all the Thundercats set off to do various stupid things, except for Liono and Snarf, who remain in the Cats’ Lair playing hoop-la, because they’re idiots. Reasonably quickly, Liono discovers the sabotage and the absent sword, and just as swiftly discovers that the alleged Pumm-Ra is responsible. Luckily, Mumm-Ra is massively incompetent, so it doesn’t take Liono long to regain the sword.

Pumm-Ra 3

Mumm-Ra retreats inside the Cats’ Lair and locks the doors, so Liono summons all the other Thundercats, and they spend a couple of minutes breaking into their own fortress. They finally corner Mumm-Ra in the control room, where he reveals his true identity and goes off on another demented monologue before doing a runner. The end.


Character checklist

Well, bugger me sideways if this episode didn’t confine itself to the usual suspects of Liono, Tigra, Panthro, Cheetara, Snarf, Wilycat, Wilykit, Jaga’s ghost, Mumm-Ra, Slythe, Jackalman and Monkian.

Pumm-Ra 5



Liono describes himself as “foolish”, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. Otherwise, I got nothing.



When Cheetara returns to the Cats’ Lair with Pumm-Ra, basically everybody advises treating him with caution. Everybody except Liono, of course, who happily accepts Pumm-Ra at face value. He has to be slapped down by Jaga’s ghost before he’ll even consider taking the slightest bit of care. I know Liono is meant to be a bit of a div, but is he ever going to start being sensible?

Pumm-Ra 4


Thundercats Ho or Thundercats No?

This is a much better episode than the previous two. Mumm-Ra’s plan is a good one, despite the complete lack of subtlety involved in the name Pumm-Ra. To be fair, it does fool the Thundercats, so I can’t criticise Mumm-Ra himself – the blame for this one has to lie with our dim-witted heroes. The episode is to be commended in that it does take the time to set events up; it’s relatively slow-moving until the 14th minute, when all hell breaks loose. This helps us get to know the characters, who are still fairly new to us, and it means that the episode really seems to earn the action-heavy finale. Liono is beginning to get on my tits, but otherwise no one’s particularly annoying; Snarf and the Thunderkittens keep a low profile, and there’s no sign of those wretched Berbils. In summary, this one’s very enjoyable and worth a watch.


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