Episode 002 – The Unholy Alliance

In which we meet Mumm-Ra, and Liono continues to be a cock.

We pick up events this week right where Exodus left off. Liono is settling into his new role as Thundercats Boss by lying under a tree while everyone else does the hard work, so well done to him there. Hopefully there’ll be a coup d’etat staged by Panthro in the near future. Anyway, the Thundercats have enough working components salvaged from their ship to begin work on a Thundertank, which seems like a good idea, as the three Mutants are still flying around in their ship, trying to figure out how to nick the Eye of Thundera.

Unholy 1

Panthro asks Liono to help unload the ship, but Liono rudely declines in favour of going to scout out the surrounding area. He takes the Sword of Omens with him, as well as a claw shield, though he makes a big deal of not needing them. Hands up who thinks Liono’s going to get a lesson in humility shortly?

The Mutants are also exploring the planet, though since they have a spaceship they’re able to do it much more efficiently. They quickly establish that there are archaeological ruins on the planet, suggesting an earlier civilisation, after which they happen upon a vast evil-looking pyramid out in the desert. On closer examination, this pyramid proves to be home to a gentleman clad in bandages and a red cloak, who introduces himself as Mumm-Ra.

Unholy 2

Mumm-Ra helpfully explains within his first couple of sentences that he is evil, just in case this hadn’t been conveyed by the fact that he’s just emerged from a coffin inside a creepy pyramid with what can only be described as an unconventional taste in interior decoration. Mumm-Ra explains to the Mutants that this planet is called Third Earth, and that he is also seeking to possess the Eye of Thundera.

There follows the not unexpected disagreement between Mumm-Ra and the Mutants over who’s in charge, an argument in which Mumm-Ra comes out on top, thanks to his anti-social tactic of sinking the Mutants’ ship under the sands of the desert and leaving them at his mercy. Once this is established, Mumm-Ra uses his magical powers to teleport the Mutants into the forests, to ambush our idiot hero Liono as he ponces about on his mission of reconnaissance.

Unholy 3

Rather to my surprise, Liono doesn’t try to take on all the Mutants by himself, but calls for help instead, which brings Panthro and the two Wilys bounding along to the rescue. He then suffers a bizarre change of heart and insists he’s doing fine on his own. Listen, Liono. You’ve got to develop a bit of internal consistency. Last week it was indecision as to whether you have memory loss, this time it’s calling for help and then telling your rescuers to clear off. You’re coming across a bit mental.

The Mutants slink back to Mumm-Ra, who tells them off for their failure. Piqued by this, Slythe points out that Mumm-Ra hasn’t exactly made much of a contribution himself, prompting Mumm-Ra to shriek some incoherent gibber and transform himself into a big blue demon with silly horns and flapping ribbons in his hair. This incarnation of himself is known as Mumm-Ra the Everliving, after which introduction he cackles moronically and flies away.

Unholy 4

Mumm-Ra the Everliving pops up to see Liono, who takes one look at him and says, “What is that thing?” rather derisively. This is evidently not the intimidating reception that Mumm-Ra had in mind, since he attacks Liono with considerable skill while laughing in a really irritating way. He’s about to win, when suddenly he catches sight of his own reflection in Liono’s shiny gloves, and freaks out because his mirror image is of his bandage/red cloak version. I don’t know why this upsets him quite so much, but it’s enough to prompt him to make some nasty vomiting noises and then run away back to his stupid pyramid, uttering nonsense about trying again soon.


Character checklist

This week gives us the same characters as last week: Liono, Snarf, Cheetara, Panthro, Tigra, Wilycat, Wilykit, Jagar’s ghost, Slythe, and the other two Mutants, one of whom now gets the name of Jackalman. There’s also Mumm-Ra, of course.

Unholy 5



Liono treats himself to a swordfight with an imaginary opponent, who he addresses as a “varmint”. I’m not sure if this really counts, since no one’s actually being insulted. It’s a lot more clear cut with Panthro, who refers to the Mutants as “blasted”. Mumm-Ra calls the as-yet nameless Mutant a “foolish creature”, and then goes on to patronisingly call Liono a “boy” three times.



Wow, Liono. You’d better become a more sympathetic character soon, or I’ll consider putting my fist through the screen. He’s not only unhelpful to his new subjects, but rude as well. Tigra tries to excuse him by pointing out that he grew physically but not mentally during his time in the suspended animation pod, a statement which demonstrates Tigra’s forgiving nature more than anything else.

Liono subsequently gets told off by Jagar’s ghost for his violent intentions towards some innocent animals, and then of course there’s his odd decision to call for help and then insist he doesn’t need it. Mere seconds later, he gets in a stupid argument with Panthro. I realise that Liono’s idiot behaviour is all part of the story, but I do very much hope he gets over it soon.

Unholy 6


Thundercats Ho or Thundercats No?

Again, it would be a bit weird if I didn’t recommend watching this one, given it introduces our lead villain and establishes his relationship with the Mutants. We also learn a little more about the new planet; it’s called Third Earth, but there’s evidently some history to it, given those archaeological ruins and Mumm-Ra’s claim that a thousand years ago, it was called First Earth. I don’t know whether we ever find out more about this, but it seems like setup for an ongoing story.

It’s a bit of a shame, therefore, that Liono is such an idiot that he almost renders it unwatchable. I assume we’re heading for a resolution to this storyline and that he’ll realise how stupid he is – at least, I hope we are – but it’s going to be a bit of a chore getting there. Mumm-Ra the Everliving doesn’t help by having a massively annoying voice, and I feel he’s going to get on my tits a bit. At least his bandages/red cloak incarnation is a lot more interesting: he’s got a very sinister edge which is far more intimidating than the big shouty demon.

In short, you’ve definitely got to watch this one, and it’s pretty entertaining. But you’ll probably be shouting at Liono half the time for being such a div.


One thought on “Episode 002 – The Unholy Alliance

  1. Frankly, the idea of building a tank while your opponent have a starship eluded me… Mutants could eventually lost patience and simply blast ‘cats from orbit – well, Mumm-Ra actually saved cats from that particular threat, which was, actually, his stupidest mistake ever…


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